Unidentified walking object

Throwback to hiking in Mallorca. I love how uncomplicated life is in nature. All focus is on when is the next meal, what’s the weather like and where shall we sleep? Very basic. I feel so grounded and extremely alert then.

Today I woke up to the BBC saying pilots had spotted UFOs flying at Mach 2. I thought it was fake news at first and checked the source. With all s#%t that’s going on on this planet I really can’t be bothered with flying saucers. I do love to see movies about them though and superheroes like the Hulk, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. I love Spider-Man!

I wish they existed for real because the world could really use them. There are lots of people with magical powers and capabilities but most cannot see them. These are people who are extremely sensitive and pick up on things most don’t even react to. I think we can save our planet by opening up our hearts and minds and reconnecting to nature.