Biodiversity, what's that?


Today is the international Day for Biodiversity. What’s that? It means that instead of eating a tomato that is red and round you can eat yellow, black, green, striped and whatever more colored tomates of all kinds of shapes and sizes. The same goes for all kinds of fruits and vegetables! And just look at the diversity of animals and insects around us! These living beings are our insurance policy against the effects of climate change. (That’s another day’s IG story) Last night I had the privilege of listening to Jane Goodall @janegoodallinst and @mattiasklumofficial and a physicist, Prof Ulf Danielsson.

Both Jane and Mattias have seen how the Earth’s animals and plants have been wiped out in front of their eyes. This often happens far away from where we live - how many of you have seen a chimpanzee or a rhino in their natural habitat? But every single one of us are responsible for what happens to this planet. Jane asked “Do you care about your children? Do you REALLY care about them?” Because if you do, your choices would be different, our economic system would be a different one, one that is circular.

One could feel their sense of urgency. There’s still a slice of time left for us to slow down the process of destruction and the effects of climate change. This is the reality we must face - scary, huh? So what do you do? Ask your politicians what they aim to do about the loss of biodiversity, buy organic food, look for palm oil in biscuits, ice cream beauty products etc and don’t buy it! Support Your local environmental NGO. And as always, get outside and realize that we’re all one with nature.